Video Production & Editing Course

Course Title: Introduction to Video Production and Editing

Total Cost: KES 15,000 per module

Duration: 12 weeks (3 modules)

Course Overview:
Keyame Media offers an engaging video production course, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts looking to delve into the world of video creation. This course is organized into three modules, each focusing on key aspects of video production and editing, gradually building foundational skills. Currently present only in Kisii town and working to introduce it in Nairobi

Module 1: Video Production Basics

Weeks 1-4

  • Introduction to Video Production: Understanding the role of video in storytelling and communication.
  • Pre-production Essentials: Exploring idea generation, scripting, storyboarding, and basic planning.
  • Camera Techniques: Introduction to camera functions, framing, and basic shot composition.
  • Lighting Fundamentals: Basic lighting setups to enhance video quality.
  • Audio Recording: Basic audio equipment usage and techniques for clear sound.
  • Practical Exercise: Scriptwriting and Filming a Short Video Clip.

Module 2: Editing and Post-Production Techniques

Weeks 5-8

  • Introduction to Video Editing: Familiarization with editing software, importing footage, and basic tools.
  • Editing Workflow: Understanding the editing timeline, making cuts, and arranging clips.
  • Transitions and Effects: Adding simple transitions and basic effects to enhance videos.
  • Color Correction: Basic color adjustments to improve visual aesthetics.
  • Sound Editing: Introduction to audio editing, voiceovers, and music integration.
  • Practical Exercise: Editing a Short Video Project.

Module 3: Drone Photography and Final Touches

Weeks 9-12

  • Drone Photography Basics: Introduction to aerial videography and legal considerations.
  • Advanced Camera Techniques: Exploring more camera settings and techniques for diverse shots.
  • Directing Principles: Basic guidance for working with actors and capturing better performances.
  • Motion Graphics: Introduction to basic animations and graphics for video enhancement.
  • Finalizing Videos: Exporting, compression, and preparing videos for online platforms.
  • Practical Exercise: Drone Filming and Final Editing of a Short Video.

Assessment and Certification:

  • Participants will be evaluated through practical assignments and projects at the end of each module.
  • Successful completion of all modules and projects will lead to a foundational certification in Video Production and Editing.

This course provides participants with hands-on experience in creating videos, gradually introducing them to fundamental skills in video production, editing, and post-production. The course is designed to be accessible and engaging for beginners, allowing them to build a strong foundation in video creation techniques.