Join Keyame Media: Tech & Video Enthusiast Wanted (Western Region – Part-Time)

Job Opportunity

Are you passionate about technology, video production, and live streaming? Keyame Media is on the hunt for a dynamic individual to take the role of Drone Operation, Video Shooting, Editing, and Live Streaming in the Western Region. Please DO NOT APPLY if you don’t meet all the requirements. This is a specific role; further inquiry will not be responded to and will lead to automatic disqualification.


  1. Must respond to all the 8 challenges listed below and give answers
  2. Male/Female Aged under 26 and legally allowed to work with no criminal records
  3. Residing within Kisii town
  4. Proficiency in ICT and a strong interest in gadgets
  5. Familiarity with at least one programming language
  6. Ability to troubleshoot common PC/iPhone/Android issues
  7. Gaming skills – you should know how to dominate in PS
  8. Creative photography and tech interest
  9. Bonus points for past geeky video creations
  10. Currently a student or a graduate – we welcome all passionate tech enthusiasts

8 Tech Enthusiast Challenges:

Prove your tech-savviness and passion with these tasks:

  1. Binary Riddle: Decode this binary sequence – “01100110, 01011000, 11011110, 10110100.” Include your answer in your application email.
  2. The App Detective: Share the most innovative mobile app you’ve recently discovered and explain why it fascinates you
  3. Spot the Fake: Find the subtle error in this job ad text and point it out in your application
  4. The Gadget Hunt: Locate an obscure, fascinating tech accessory online, provide a link, and briefly describe why it’s cool
  5. Tech Trivia: What does the acronym “URL” stand for? Include your answer in your email.
  6. Photography & Tech Interest: Pick an interesting online photo, originally larger than 4MB and minimum 1920 by 1080, under a Creative Commons license or allowed for commercial use. Provide the link in your CV. Then resize it to 600 pixels on the long edge and include it in your CV
  7. Gadget Show-and-Tell: Include a photo and description of a unique gadget you own in your CV.
  8. Creative Geek Video: Share a link to an interesting geeky video you’ve created with your phone/DSLR, edited, and posted on your social media any date before 15th October 2023

How to Apply:

Email your CV and answers to the 8 challenges to with the subject line “Tech & Video Enthusiast Application.” Please DO NOT apply for this position if you do not meet all the requirements.

We’re eager to see your passion for tech and creativity shine! Application deadline is 31st October 2023 at 8.00P.M

Your Roles will include but not limited to:

Drone operations in the field, video shooting, video editing, and ICT support . Here’s a list of common tasks and software you may be involved in:

Drone Operations:

  1. Pre-flight checks: Ensure the drone is in proper working condition, check batteries, and verify the GPS signal.
  2. Flying the drone: Operate the drone to capture aerial photos and videos.
  3. Navigating flight paths: Plan and execute flight paths for desired shots.
  4. Safety measures: Adhere to all safety regulations and guidelines during drone operations.

Video Shooting:

  1. Camera setup: Set up and adjust cameras and gimbals for optimal video quality.
  2. Framing and composition: Frame shots, control focus, and adjust exposure settings.
  3. Lighting: Manipulate lighting to achieve desired visual effects.
  4. Audio capture: Record high-quality audio for videos.

Video Editing:

  1. Video file management: Organize and manage video files efficiently.
  2. Editing software: Use video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve) to edit and enhance video footage.
  3. Cutting and trimming: Trim, cut, and arrange video clips to create a compelling narrative.
  4. Transitions and effects: Add transitions, visual effects, and animations.
  5. Color correction and grading: Adjust colors to enhance visual aesthetics.
  6. Audio editing: Edit, mix, and enhance audio to improve sound quality.
  7. Export and rendering: Prepare videos for final output and delivery.

ICT Support:

  1. Hardware maintenance: Maintain and troubleshoot computers, cameras, drones, and other tech equipment.
  2. Software support: Install, update, and troubleshoot software used in the photography and video production processes.
  3. Network support: Ensure a stable and secure network for data transfer.
  4. Data backup: Implement and manage data backup strategies to prevent data loss.
  5. Technical problem-solving: Provide technical support to the team for any ICT-related issues.

Common Software and Tools:

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop for video editing and post-production.
  2. Final Cut Pro: Video editing software for Mac users.
  3. DaVinci Resolve: A powerful video editing and color correction tool.
  4. DJI GO app: Control and manage DJI drones.
  5. Video capture software: For importing and managing video footage.
  6. File management software: Tools to organize and store multimedia files.
  7. ICT troubleshooting tools: Diagnostic software and tools for resolving technical issues.
  8. Backup and data recovery tools: Software for data backup and retrieval.

A person in this role should have a strong technological aptitude, good problem-solving skills, creativity, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Additionally, they should stay up-to-date with the latest developments in drone technology and video production software.